Review PAN Amsterdam 2021

The John & Marine van Vlissingen Art Foundation participated as an exhibitor on the occasion of the 34th edition of PAN Amsterdam. The Foundation dedicates itself to contemporary art in the Netherlands, helping young, talented Dutch artists break through since 2008. Erik de Bree, Geertje van de Kamp and Vincent Mock were given the opportunity to exhibit new work in the RAI Amsterdam from the period of November 14 -21, 2021. Once more, the renowned art fair managed to attract many visitors this year. This, despite the tightened corona measures. Together with the artists, we look back on a successful week at PAN Amsterdam 2021.

Erik de Bree: Soviet Series
Erik de Bree presented his new work: Soviet Series. For this he bought up a year’s worth of Soviet-era wallpaper in the Ukraine and used it as the basis for his new paintings. Erik de Bree: ‘I look back on a very successful fair. For me PAN was a whole new experience, as it is a much more extensive fair than I am used to. I really enjoyed being able to talk about my work with so many different people.’

Geertje van de Kamp: Flat versus Depth
Geertje van de Kamp’s paintings on acrylic glass focus on the juxtaposition between that which is flat and that which has depth. Each work consists of two separate layers in front of one another, so that the space in-between creates shadow effects.

Vincent Mock: Scalloped Hammerhead, Most Shared Image by Visitors
One of the event’s highlights was the fact that Vincent Mock’s work Scalloped Hammerhead, constructed out of stainless steel fishhooks, turned out to be one of visitors’ most shared images on Instagram. The shark is an endangered species. Vincent recreates it to scale. The fishhooks, of which the sharks are composed, are sharp and symbolize human aspirations and our relationship with nature. ‘PAN was intense, considering all the conversations you have in a day. You notice that it is very good to become visible to a large audience of art lovers in this way. I would so do it again!’, concluded Vincent Mock.

John & Marine van Vlissingen Art Foundation brings talented, contemporary, Dutch artists into the limelight: follow their journey in artistry via @vanvlissingenartfoundation.

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