Jan Kuhlemeier in A Sea of Color: A Dutch Artist in Indonesia

The John & Marine van Vlissingen Art Foundation will unveil its latest exhibition, ‘Jan Kuhlemeier in a Sea of Color: A Dutch Artist in Indonesia,’ in Singer Laren on Monday November 13th. The Foundation has been helping young, talented contemporary artists break through with their work since 2008. Every year, an artist is given the opportunity to embark on a trip in search of inspiration for new work. The journey and resulting work are detailed in a book and exhibition. This year, the choice fell on artist Jan Kuhlemeier.

Interplay of Sun and Clouds

Inspiration. That’s what blooms art. Fascinated by unspoilt nature and color, Jan Kuhlemeier (1993) chose to travel to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia. Initially, he was looking for the color tones in the reflections of the sea. Once there, he was mesmerized by the vibrant hues in the skies over the Indian Ocean—by the interplay of sun and clouds that seemed to tumble over each other like waves. This phenomenon inspired him to create new work. Jan’s journey, sources of inspiration and new works, appear in a book of the same name published in the ‘Inspiration’ series and written by board member Titia Voûte. The book is available in the Singer Shop.

Translucent Layers of Color, Shades and Nuances

Jan uses translucent layers of color for his work, searching for specific shades and color nuances. He sees this aspect of painting as a means of exploring the boundary between painting and other media. Jan’s works contain a variety of color tones, resulting in the creation of elusive illusions through light and reflection.

“That you don’t know what you’re seeing, I think is an interesting given in the art. An image that grabs you, but also confuses you. An image that holds you before it, that sucks you into the moment. Like at sunset, when that copper-colored ball disappears into the sea, leaving a reddish-orange sky behind. Then people stop to watch, like a row of sticks before the tide line. I wish people would focus more often on the beauty of simple, small things. There is so much beauty around us if you look closely.” ~Jan Kuhlemeier

Helping Artists Break Through

The John & Marine van Vlissingen Art Foundation was founded on a shared passion for art. John Fentener van Vlissingen, chairman of the Foundation: “We put young, talented contemporary Dutch artists in the spotlight. We try not only to give them recognition, but also the self-confidence to take the next steps in their artistry.’ The Foundation has, including Jan Kuhlemeier, already supported 14 artists.

In addition to the focus on Dutch and international impressionism and modernism, in line with the museum’s origins, Singer Laren also offers contemporary Dutch artists the opportunity to create and present new work. This collaboration is a shining example of this.

The exhibition ‘Jan Kuhlemeier in a sea of color: A Dutch Artist in Indonesia’ was on display from November 14, 2023 to January 11, 2024 in Singer Laren.

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