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Sophie Steengracht | This art fair

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  • plaats: Kromhouthal, Amsterdam Noord

I want to tell the story of a living landscape, which in this case is intertwined with human activity. Creating art, for me, is always in connection with nature. In the continuous change of order I find the essence of my artistic process. Biodiversity and processes of rotting and rebirth are essential elements of life on earth. In these natural rhythms and patterns I see a mystical value with miraculous characteristics.

The observation of the endless space of the night sky sparks my fascination for cosmologies and myths. Since entering the antropocene – this era – we have to (re)consider the agency of non-human life forms. What part do plants, animals, minerals, stars and the soil play in our lives? Do we continue to exploit them or do we collaborate with and take care of them?

In March 2020 I planted a pigment garden. I extracted pigments and dyes from the plants and flowers to use in my artworks, and while doing this, I documented the process and turned this into a virtual experience. Each time I harvest, I take care of the soil and replant in a considerate way.