Rinske Former

Winner 2019

About the artist

Rinske Former (1991) is an artist focusing on the limits of human existence. Rinske mainly works in photography, but sculptures and text are also a part of her artistic catalogue. Former aims to, above all, touch people and offer hope through her work. Rinske studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, completing  her studies in 2016. She subsequently began a master’s degree at the St. Joost in Breda.

"Everything is about hope. When you reach for the unattainable, even the as yet unrealized possibility gives you wings."

Rinske Former

Rinske’s work is characterized by a certain tactility.  Present in her creations, is an unfeigned sensitivity  that distinguishes her from other artists. Her work is further characterized by the central focus on people’s dreams and desires.

As a child, Rinske greatly desired to be able to fly as birds do. She repeatedly dreamt that she would fly out of a window into the wide world. This provided inspiration for her photography studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Rinske investigated the possibilities of flying for her graduation project. To this end, she traveled to Belgium and France. Here, she met three men with a great passion for building flying machines. Rinske photographed the men and their flying machines. Nature and places suitable for flying were also captured. This experience allowed Former to see that dreams and desires have a chance of survival in the real world.

Upon the completion of her studies, Rinske published a book about her graduation project, It’s Beautiful When It Flies. Former’s book was met with high acclaim both locally, and internationally.  The book was included in Galerie Bettina in Paris and received a nomination for the Anamorphosis Prize in New York. This landed the book on the shortlist and, as a result, it is still on display at the MoMa Library in New York.

The journey

Rinske Former traveled to Ireland; the land of green hills, rich culture and history.  In this magical country, where fairy tales come to life, Former was able to disappear into the natural world. Ireland’s heritage is rich in many stories and breathes myths and folk tales. Together with travel companion and photographer Vivian, Rinske decided to follow the story of Tír nan Óg through her travels. The story of Tír nan Óg appeals to Former for its featuring of the concept of eternal youth, something she has always longed for (as it pertains to childhood). The journey to discover more about Tír nan Óg, took Rinske and Vivian through a  mapped-out route from Dublin, past cities and villages for a period of  two weeks.

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