Jan Kuhlemeier

Winner 2023

About the artist

Jan Kuhlemeier (1993) received his BA in Fine Arts from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in 2015. Kuhlemeier uses painting as a means to explore the boundaries that lie between painting and other forms of media. His work is a dance between motion, energy and pigmentation.

Jan Kuhlemeier

Jan Kuhlemeier uses translucent colors in his works. Herein, he searches for specific tints and color nuances. He views this aspect of the painterly artform as a means to explore the boundary between painting and other media.

The journey

This spring, the artist will venture to Indonesia in search of inspiration to influence new works. His works, composed of tones and layers reminiscent of the hues present in the reflection of seas and oceans, are indicative of sights Jan Kuhlemeier, as an avid surfer, has seen in various places throughout the world. Kuhlemeier: ‘Indonesia fascinates me with its contrasting greens and clear blue waters.”

The plethora of reefs and beaches in Indonesia lends itself to the presence of a variety of colors and transparencies in the waters. The difference in depths results in the varying colors of water. The deeper the sea, the darker the color. “And there are very few people on the Mentawai islands, so I can literally, and figuratively, immerse myself in nature and take a step outside of the modern world,” says Jan Kuhlemeier.

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