About the Foundation

Inspiration—a word full of meaning. It is a word that blooms art. With aim to highlight, encourage and motivate talented, Dutch visual artists in evolving their craft, inspiration has served as the John and Marine van Vlissingen Art Foundation’s leading principle, guiding new generations of artists, since 2008.

One artist is selected annually. The artist is then given the opportunity to travel to a destination of their choice; here, their artistic influences can further blossom. The work that emerges from this inspiring journey is recorded in a book in the ‘Inspiration’ series which, alongside the works themselves, is presented to a wide audience during an exhibition.

The first volume of in the ‘Inspiration’ series was published in 2009. Since then, the Foundation has had the opportunity to showcase 13 artists.

Selling art is a profession in and of itself

Annual report

Read more about the Foundation, the board and our activities in our 2021 Annual Report: